Quick Update!

Hey all, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated the site. While I’ve been gone a lot has happened. Let’s get into it.

First off I added Duality and a new project called Dungeon Master to steam! They are both in a private alpha state and codes are available to alpha tier patrons and select Discord members.

I also added a page on the site for Dungeon Master as well as updated the project listings page. The projects page is now is in a much cleaner tile based format. With the new updates to word press I’ll be going through out the site and doing some clean up.

Another thing is that I’ve begun my self education into the multiplayer networking side of UE4. Dungeon Master is already a functioning multiplayer online game. After some more in depth learning I’ll be applying that knowledge to End of Days and Down Town Heroes.

Let’s see what else, oh yes I’ve gone ahead and created a business Instagram account for Life Art Studios so hopefully we will be gaining some traction with out media presence. I’d like to build a mailing list and an account profile system here on the website when I get a chance…. and get the damn forums working. That has been sorely neglected, my apologies.

All in all progress is moving exponentially which is what I like to see so expect more in the coming weeks/months.

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