End of Days 0.2.0 is Live for Beta Testers!

A lot has changed, like A LOT. However, not all the changes are observable. Let’s go over whats in this update version.

– Climbing
– Vehicles
– Human Ally AI
– Human Enemy AI
– New AI system for zombies ( not the one I was showing off before )
– Intractable doors, drawers, cabinets, buttons, levers, and dials
– Updated Pistol Model
– Updated Turret logic
– Ground work for multiplayer
– New skybox ( needs work, but day night cycle is there )
– Ground work for sliceable zombies
– Added Feature Testing map ( called Testers Map )
– Factions system
– Fixed the fire wand
– Ground work for player bodies
– Fixed explosion damage system
– Updated Safe House
– 9 Types of locomotion options ( for experimenting and feedback )
– Support for Steam VR Knuckles controllers ( I got my set of EV3’s yesterday)
– improved resolution
– Consistent performance ( still a lot of room for improvement )
– Arrows can be lit on fire!

Plus more things that probably don’t matter to you. A lot was fixed, but this was a ground up rewrite of End of Days for the 4th time so some stuff isn’t completed and bugs might reappear. For example, shooting the shotgun when it’s too close to you face will kill you.

I need to make new animations and I REALLY NEED to make better zombie and human models. The guy I had working on those before went MIA so RIP to that. I’ll just take the time to do it myself.

The new pistol mesh was made by one of our community members N1lsson so say thanks to him 🙂

Gunna have beta testers find out what else is broken, I’ll fix it, and then this update goes public. If you want to get into the beta testing group, join our discord server and I’ll give you the password to the beta branch https://discord.gg/zzFAhkq


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