VR Zombie Survival Still Coming Soon…

I’ve done a crazy amount of work on the zombie game and your patience will be rewarded. I’m going to be giving a free demo out of what I’ve got so far. Now this demo doesn’t represent what the final game will be like, but it is so far a totally “playable game.” I use quotes because it’s just what I have set up to test the mechanics I’ve currently got. MUCH MUCH MORE will be added. I can’t stress that enough. Anyway here’s some screenshots of the demo level at current. Yes I will fix the lighting too shhh.

13 thoughts on “VR Zombie Survival Still Coming Soon…”

    1. I’m attempting to release a demo within the week, but I keep hitting some snags. Technically I could release it as is, but I’d prefer to have it more complete.

        1. Well yes I could, I’d just like the game to have a good first impression. The core of it will change a lot between the demo and the actual game release.

          1. Yes that is for sure.
            Do you have a DEMO from where can i download it and test it? To see how it looks

  1. i try DEMO and i like it so far what i saw, only in shooting range for now is possible to shoot right? Because i come in woods and there is no zombie!?
    Game need really lot of work that is true. But have potencial.

      1. When i get on shooting range is okey ,they are zombies, but when i go in woods there are no zombies,just walk around alone and that is it.

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