Early Demo Release V0.1.0

I realize that I have been holding back at releasing the demo because I’ve been chasing perfection. Let’s be honest, if it were perfect it would be the full game wouldn’t it?

So without further ado, here is End of Days v0.1.0 filled with bugs and all their glory. Speaking of bugs, the very first bug is that you need to start the game, close, and reopen it for it to work. I don’t know why.

I hope this tiny demo gives you a taste of what’s coming and trust me there is a lot coming. Please be kind, I’ve put over 300 hours into this project already.


  • Need to close and reopen game on first launch
  • The game starts in teleport mode -> use simple movement for better experience
  • No door to the zombies in the shooting range -> you could switch to teleport mode to get around this
  • Teleporting on the shooting range map is broken, some areas won’t let you move there. -> If you really want to get out to the floor, teleport onto the pool table and switch to simple movement mode
  • Two handed grip of shotgun may cause bullet collision with camera while holding two handed
  • Bow has floating faces near the ends
  • Wand fireball occasionally does not collide with the floor
  • Attachment spawners in survival map sometimes spawn ammo clips? (yeah I have no clue either)
  • Buying the sword doesn’t immediately attach to player hand
  • Menu button doesn’t close menu -> options -> save and close will get you out of it
  • No hud indication when the player is hit by a zombie
  • Pistol accuracy is too low on the z- axis -> meant to be a short range weapon anyway
  • Wand fire particle effect has smoke move in unison
  • Certain areas of survival map cause zombies to not “see” you -> keep moving and they will see you
  • Sometimes can’t grab clip from ammo belt -> if you move you will be able to grab from you belt
  • Lighting probably too dark
  • Flashlight doesn’t cast light far enough
  • I know that isn’t how a scope goes on an AK47 -> still need to create mounting bracket
  • Attachments are still highpoly meshes
  • Melee weapons don’t break bottles
  • Safe house map is huge compared to player scale
  • Lighting of controls diagram in safe house map is too bright
  • One menu selection highlights white instead of red
  • Steam API may not function correctly -> There’s actually no recent documentation on this and the app ID is still for development, not the official ID
  • If you reload your gun too close to your ammo belt you might store an empty mag -> check how many bullets are left on the side of it



Again please be kind, I’m going to fix the bugs in a patch. Then we can move on to the better stuff. Like the damn doors and windows.


End of Days v0.1.0

*updated to v0.1.1 , see new post*

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