Update Almost Done!

Hey all Starkium here, just wanted to fill you all in with whats going on. First of all, just negate everything I said earlier to expect in this update. The presented method on how to merge the two packages Weapon Master and VR Expansion plugin is not optimal. I will figure out a way at some point and that is either the next update or the one after.

Now that that is out of the way, I have good news still. I’ve been painfully updating End of Days to the new version of Weapon Master. For the most part I have finished that and I’m doing little tweaks here and there to lighting and trying to squeeze some performance out of whatever I can. The ai is pretty processor intensive because I actually didn’t write it. The ai was a basic example that came with Weapon Master, but I’ll get back to that in a minute.

So what you can expect in this update:

-Support for the Oculus Rift
-Kar98k bolt action sniper riffle
-M4A1 (if it wasn’t in the last patch)
-Vertical foregrip
-Holographic sight
-Retuned weapon stats
-Retuned item costs
-Mysterybox generates random guns with attachments
-Updated art style
-Low poly hands ( those were a pain to get right )
-Bullet Rain power-up (WIP, I will post about this elsewhere)
-Fire Storm power-up ( done, might need damage tweak)
-Increased exploding barel damage and added spawners
-some other stuff 😉

Lot’s of bug fixes happened too!

Back to the AI topic. SO the very next update is going to be all about the AI and repairable windows. The AI that came with Weapon Master served it’s purpose till now, but it’s time I write a less performance hungry system. I will be multithreading and creating more interaction with the zombies and spawners. For sure, I will be adding the ability to for zombies to tear down windows and for the players to rebuild them. Once this is in place I will feel comfortable adding a leaderboard system to End of Days. Having the Doors all start shut and zombies able to get into the building from the windows will really solidify the gameplay and End of Days will be less of a tech demo looking thing.

LASTLY, there is a beta branch of End of Days already up on steam. It is password protected of course. If you would like to help bug test and get a preview of what is in store for End of Days, join the Life Art Studios discord server and ask about beta testing. Bring a friend if you want 🙂


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