VR Zombie Survival Still Coming Soon…

I’ve done a crazy amount of work on the zombie game and your patience will be rewarded. I’m going to be giving a free demo out of what I’ve got so far. Now this demo doesn’t represent what the final game will be like, but it is so far a totally “playable game.” I use quotes because it’s just what I have set up to test the mechanics I’ve currently got. MUCH MUCH MORE will be added. I can’t stress that enough. Anyway here’s some screenshots of the demo level at current. Yes I will fix the lighting too shhh.

13 thoughts on “VR Zombie Survival Still Coming Soon…”

    1. I’m attempting to release a demo within the week, but I keep hitting some snags. Technically I could release it as is, but I’d prefer to have it more complete.

      1. You put DEMO on Steam or somwhere elese, to know from where to download.
        If it DEMO you can release just it as is because is demo.

        1. Well yes I could, I’d just like the game to have a good first impression. The core of it will change a lot between the demo and the actual game release.

          1. Yes that is for sure.
            Do you have a DEMO from where can i download it and test it? To see how it looks

  1. i try DEMO and i like it so far what i saw, only in shooting range for now is possible to shoot right? Because i come in woods and there is no zombie!?
    Game need really lot of work that is true. But have potencial.

      1. When i get on shooting range is okey ,they are zombies, but when i go in woods there are no zombies,just walk around alone and that is it.

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