End of Days V0.1.4 Now Released!

The game is packed for both 32 bit and 64 bit.  YOU NO LONGER NEED TO CLOSE AND REOPEN THE GAME FOR IT TO WORK. 

This build has been submitted to steam for review. More info at a later date.

Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed Shotgun two hand grip
  • Fixed Mag pick up from drop
  • Fixed First Run/Restart bug
  • Allowed shotgun to use scope attachment (because why not)
  • Added descriptive text to shooting range
  • Added teddy bear to mystery box
  • Added algorithm for odds of getting teddy bear in mystery box
  • Fixed mystery box teleport and beacon visibility
  • Fixed turrets (cannot be damaged by player)


  • Zombies possibly get stuck on truck
  • Possibly can’t pick up canted iron sight
  • Shadows for laser pointers
  • hard to see down pistol’s sights in the dark ( going to add glowing dots )
  • Critial hit damage modifiers varry per weapon, some over powered
  • zombies stop moving towards player when game is waiting on return event from player character
  • mystery box might give you the same weapon repeatedly
  • Bow has floating faces near the ends
  • Wand fireball occasionally does not collide with the floor
  • Buying the sword doesn’t immediately attach to player hand
  • Menu button doesn’t close menu -> Temporary close button added to menu
  • Pistol accuracy is too low on the z- axis -> meant to be a short range weapon anyway
  • Certain areas of survival map cause zombies to not “see” you -> keep moving and they will see you
  • Sometimes can’t grab clip from ammo belt -> if you move you will be able to grab from you belt
  • Lighting probably too dark
  • I know that isn’t how a scope goes on an AK47 -> still need to create mounting bracket
  • Attachments are still highpoly meshes Only The Iron sights need to be updated
  • Lighting of controls diagram in safe house map is too bright
  • If you reload your gun too close to your ammo belt you might store an empty mag -> check how many bullets are left on the side of it

End of Days on itch.io

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